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I feel deeply that we are in a time of change and transition on this planet. Through my work I frame and discuss this transition, and provide practical transformation tools to help humans reach their full potential.
What would happen if we re-examined the nature of our reality, what it means to be human, and the worldviews that drive is? I believe we could create a future where we can truly thrive. I developed an interdisciplinary framework called Embodied Sensemaking to help build this thriving future.

an ecology of ideas
An ecology of ideas

A roadmap to
embracing change

We are in a time of transition and change. I share a set of concepts and ideas that I feel embody what is often experienced when shifting one's worldview. This process is held within my model for Embodied Sensemaking.
1 Break The Illusion

Break The Illusion

'The Illusion' is the limited frame of what we feel is possible about ourselves and our world. Awareness is the first step to turning observation inward to create change.
2 Awaken Neutrality

Awaken Neutrality

Take a step beyond polarity and certainty and awaken curiosity. Here we can begin to look at what is driving our behavior, systems, world, etc.
3 Deprogram Limits

Deprogram Limits

Embrace the idea of moving past stories, ideas and concepts we learned from 'The Illusion.' Embrace embodiment, wisdom and personal transformation to embody our potential.
4 Live Aligned

Live Aligned

With a new lens of seeing our world and ourselves, how might we create our society around us now? Here is where we can collectively synthesize and create new ways of living in society.
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Collective Evolution with Joe Martino

A podcast
exploring big ideas

The Collective Evolution's podcast, hosted by Joe Martino, explores new and emerging ideas in philosophy, well-being, human potential, consciousness and more as we seek clarity and direction through heavily changing times.
The Pulse

Reshaping the news & information landscape

Joe founded Collective Evolution in 2009 as a way to put his experiences and journey on the web. Eventually The Pulse was launched to take his process of Embodied Sensemaking into a new brand. Focusing on wisdom as a priority.
Collective Evolution
Collective Evolution

A platform
to ignite conversation

Collective Evolution is the platform that begun my work. Formed in 2009, today it continues to ignite conversation and action towards a thriving future through content creation and educational tools.
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