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Hi, I'm Joe Martino, I feel deeply that we are in a time of change and transition on this planet. As an intuitive content creator, I enjoy sharing ideas and insight as to what our world could look like, and work to bridge the gap between our current moment and a future moment.
The Formula
The Formula

A Roadmap to
shift consciousness

We are in a time of transition. I share a formula, or set of concepts, I feel embody what is often experienced when shifting one's worldview.
1 Break The Illusion

Break The Illusion

See beyond the matrix/illusion and understand the truth of our reality. Becoming awake.
2 Awaken Neutrality

Awaken Neutrality

Take a step back beyond judgement and polarity, here we see the big picture of our reality clearly.
3 Deprogram Limits

Deprogram Limits

The inner work of moving past stories, ideas and concepts we learned from 'The Illusion.' Unlock possibility!
4 Live Aligned

Live Aligned

Embody your true self and live from oneness consciousness. Create a world from this new state of consciousness.
What I Do

How Joe serves humanity

The main projects Joe is currently working on.
The Collective Evolution Show

A podcast
exploring many things

Joe is the host of The Collective Evolution Show, a podcast that explores consciousness, the human experience and how we can rewire how we collectively operate at its core.
Collective Evolution

Reshaping the way
information is delivered

Joe founded Collective Evolution in 2009 as a way to put his experiences and journey on the web. This quickly grew into a conscious media and education outlet that's serving millions.

A conscious media
video platform changing the game

Joe had a vision for an on-demand platform that would help others better understand the human condition and state of consciousness that created it. CETV helps others see our world in a different light, and guides them through inner work to change themselves and the world.
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Conscious Media Festival 2017


A docuementary released in 2017

Evolutionary Leaders Council

A group working to evolve consciousness

Host of CE Podcast

A conscious media podcast


Anarchast radio w/ Jeff Berwick

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